Course Detail
Course Components:
Meets with PSYCH 6150 (graduate students should register for 6150 and will do additional work). This seminar provides a direct and hands-on introduction to the use of electrophysiological methods in the cognitive and brain sciences. In this course, you will learn the theory, methods, and practical implementation underlying electroencephalography (EEG) data collection, analysis, presentation, and interpretation. Students will gain expertise on topics such as: the basic principles of event-related brain potentials (ERPs) and neural oscillations, implementing ERP and time-frequency analysis, best practices in EEG experimental design, and advantages and limitations of the EEG methodology. Students will work on previously collected human EEG datasets and will propose and complete a group EEG research project whereby they will gain experience in EEG/ERP experimental design, data collection, and advanced analysis. Note that this course requires heavy participation on the part of the students. This course is best suited for students who wish to use EEG methods and perform advanced EEG analyses.