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This course is designed to give students a broad base knowledge about global issues and global perspectives concerning the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Everyone has a right to education. Guiding questions in this course include (a) Do global communities have the same perspectives on the right to an education for all learners including those with disabilities?, and (b) Is there an evolving global movement for educating all learners including those with disabilities? This course will introduce students to an international frame of reference so that they may think critically about global education practices concerning individuals with exceptional learning needs involved in four of the world's major civilizations (a) Confucian, (b) Islamic, (c) Western, and (d) Hindu. This course will support students' understanding of differing perspectives concerning the universal right to education while investigating the needs of persons with disabilities in the global community. Students will be expected to build skills in communicating with understanding about international needs of exceptional populations in global communities. Students registered for SP ED 5020 will have additional assignments.