Multiple Gen Ed and/or Bachelor degree requirement codes

CWDV Upper Division Communication/Writing and Diversity
CWHF Upper Division Communication/Writing and Humanities Exploration
DVBF Diversity and Behavioral Science Exploration
DVFF Diversity and Fine Arts Exploration
DVHF Diversity and Humanities Exploration
IQIB International Requirement and Quantitative Intensive and Quantitative Reasoning - Statistics/Logic
IRBF International Requirement and Behavioral Science Exploration
IRFF International Requirement and Fine Arts Exploration
IRHF International Requirement and Humanities Exploration
QBCW Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Upper Division Communication/Writing
QBHF Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Humanities Exploration
QBQI Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Quantitative Intensive
QIBF Quantitative Intensive and Behavioral Science Exploration
QICW Quantitative Intensive and Upper Division Communication/Writing
QRQI Quantitative Reasoning-Math and Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic and Quantitative Intensive