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Communication/Writing & Fine Arts Exploration
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Honors Course
You’re going to tell the truth, and tell it short. To do that, you’ll read a lot. You'll focus on learning to analyze a text like a writer, for craft, not just content. You'll write short bursts of creative nonfiction — at the seam of journalism and literary work — and write headlines that hook attention. You'll rewrite and rewrite a couple of those short pieces into something better. You'll target a handful of publications and pitch your work to editors. The aim is to finish the course with one great piece — and hopefully a byline — that shows your potential as a writer and thinker to editors. For inspiration, you’ll look at creativity advice from Austen Kleon (“Show Your Work”) and publishing advice from writer Susan Shapiro (“The Byline Bible”), as well as one longer work of nonfiction and essays from publications such as Brevity, the First Person column in Vox, The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, HuffPost Personal, and Best American Essays. Whenever possible, in readings and your own work, you’ll be writing from — and against Utah stereotypes — examining your own prejudice and privilege. Instructor: Ellen Fagg Weist earned a MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Iowa. She’s an award-winning writer and editor (fiction anthology “The Way We Live: Stories By Utah Women”) with than 25 years' experience on staff at digital companies, newspapers and magazines, including as the arts editor at Portland’s Willamette Week and The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake City magazine.