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The course begins with a brief look at the historical development of human rights and then moves to critically address a range of issues on the nature, application, enforcement, and limits of universal human rights. Human rights considerations are integral to the questions of justice and equity where economic, environmental, legal, political, and security concerns play a crucial role in determining the metrics of human wellbeing locally and globally. In addressing these issues, the course will examine several contemporary concerns such as the evolving challenges of the current refugee crisis, climate change, and the new reality of the 21st century warfare in assessing the viability of human rights in today’s turbulent world. The course will not only educate and inform the students on the transnational issues of human rights in peace and conflict, it will also offer space for students to engage with local problems and local solutions in a manner which offers potential answers to shared global challenges. Students who successfully complete this course will be considered and given priority to attend the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights in Oxford, UK.