Gen Ed & Bachelor Degree Courses

AI American Institutions
AS Applied Science
BF Social/Behavioral Science Exploration
CW Upper Division Communication/Writing
DV Diversity
FF Fine Art Exploration
HF Humanities Exploration
IR International Requirement
QA Quantitative Reasoning-Math
QB Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic
QI Quantitative Reasoning BS
QR Quantitative Reasoning-Math and Quantitative Reasoning-Statistics/Logic
SF Physical/Life Science Exploration
WR1 Writing Requirement 1
WR2 Writing Requirement 2

Courses with Multiple Gen Ed and/or Bachelor Degree Requirement Codes

Some courses appear on more than one requirement list and have four digits attribute codes (e.g. CWHF). Courses appearing on two Intellectual Exploration lists will count for one or the other area, but not both.The rest of these courses will clear more than one area. Click here for more information.

Other Course Attributes

AOCE Continuing Education Classes offered by Continuing Education
BLKU BlockU A learning community, capstone experience, and set schedule of courses that allows students to complete GE in a year
CEL Community Engaged Learning Includes elements of both in-class and community based learning opportunities
CLAC Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Courses in various academic disciplines taught in a foreign language
EGLA Eccles Global Learning Abroad
FLXU Flexible Schedule Flexible learning opportunities, including short-term and weekend options
HBRD Hybrid Classes A course which uses a mixture of online, face-to-face, and technology enhanced instruction
HON Honors Course Offered through Honors College or individual departments, limited to students in the Honors College
IVC Interactive Video Conferencing Streamed from an on-campus classroom to another location for remote student participation
LEAP LEAP First Year Learning Communities
ONLN Online A course which meets online, rather than in-class
PACE Professional and Community Education Social Work courses for professional certifications and specialized training
PMBA Professional MBA Sections for graduate level business students, 5 or 10 week options
SUSC Sustainability - Complete Addresses sustainability as an integrated concept having social, economic and environmental dimensions
SUSL Sustainability - Limited Uses sustainability issues as a context and/or has partially integrated some components of sustainability
XMBA1 Executive Education 1