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Prerequisites: "C" or better in MATH 2250 AND "C-" or better in (ECE 2280 AND (PHYS 2220 OR PHYS 3220 OR AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism score of 4 or better)) AND Full Major status in (Electrical Engineering OR Computer Engineering) Corequisites: ECE 3305.
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Quantitative Intensive BS
In this course students will learn: (1) About transmission lines (what happens when the wires in a circuit are long relative to a wavelength) and how to use transmission lines to connect equipment (e.g. signal generators) to loads (e.g. antennas); (2) How to use Smith Charts; (3) How antennas radiate, including directionality, radiation patterns, etc.; (4) How electromagnetic waves radiated from antennas propagate via Maxwell's equations in various materials; and (5) What happens when electromagnetic waves encounter objects (reflection, transmission, absorption, etc).