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Prerequisite: ED PS 5315 and EDU 5316.
This credit/no credit field practicum is designed to help pre-service and practicing educators develop an introductory understanding of the theory and practice of intervention for struggling students who have difficulty with upper elementary reading materials. The course is open to university students who are concurrently registered for or have already taken ED PS 5320. By participating in the practicum, educators will extend their knowledge of the following topics: assisted reading at instructional level, word recognition development, phonics instruction, phonological awareness development and instruction, fluency development, comprehension, text structure, oral language and vocabulary development, textual scaffolding, motivation, and using assessment as a guide for pacing instruction. Most importantly, educators will be expected to use their knowledge of these topics to provide ongoing one-on-one assessment and intervention for struggling reader. Each educator will receive formal and informal coaching, observation, and feedback throughout the practicum.