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Prerequisites: "C" or better in (GEOG 1000 AND (MATH 1050 OR MATH 1060 OR MATH 1080 OR MATH 1090 OR MATH 1210 OR MATH 1220 OR MATH 1250 OR MATH 1260 OR MATH 1310 OR MATH 1311 OR MATH 1320 OR MATH 1321) OR AP CalcAB score of 3+ OR AP CalcBC score of 3+).
Many problems within physical geography require a quantitative answer, but the problems rarely take the streamlined form most math courses and textbooks present, and their solution often requires information from several disciplines. Thus, the typical series of required math and science courses does not always prepare physical geography students for real-world problem solving. this course is designed to fill this need by focusing on the application of mathematical principles and models to solve problems commonly encountered in physical geography. Throughout the course, the students will be introduced to a broad survey of mathematical methods relevant for problems within physical geography.