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Prerequisite: GNDR 1100 or 2100 or 3690.
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Upper Division Communication/Writing
This class is as much about process as it is about product. We will spend significant time reading and discussing decisions we and others make in order to put our ideas out into the world. We will engage with on campus events in order to study how invited guests who do social justice work are creating texts for us. We will grapple with the ways that socio-historical context and power have an impact on our work, and on our ability to even imagine possible ways to do our work. We will consider the past and present work of feminist and queer movements - how is it that past efforts have allowed us to do the work we are currently doing, how are we still insufficient, and how can we do better? All of this will be in support of your semester-long project which will allow you to use writing as a tool to craft, edit, challenge, and focus your ideas about your topic.