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Prerequisites: Member of Honors College.
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Social/Behavioral Science Exploration
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Honors Course
This course seeks to offer an innovative, distinctive experience representing the best in interdisciplinary education and outreach. The program is designed for students who want to work collaboratively with other students to find original solutions to problems our society faces. A faculty member will guide the work of the students participating in this course. This experience will greatly enhance students' undergraduate education and prepare them to become leaders in the community upon graduation. Scholarship support will also be available to students participating in the program. This course is also designed to nurture a new generation of community leaders and intellectuals committed to collaborative thinking and to provide students with practical experience in team research and problem solving. As members of a research team, Honors students will examine their project from the perspective of their major disciplines, illuminating what they have learned in more traditional courses. Each student will enroll in a seminar that accompanies the research experience. This coursework will help define and focus the investigation and guide the students' progress throughout this process.