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Prerequisites: "B-" or better in ((WRTG 2010 OR WRTG 2011 OR EAS 1060 OR HONOR 2211) OR score of 4+ in (AP Lit & Comp OR AP Lang & Comp)) AND Member of the Business Scholars program.
Requirement Designation:
Upper Division Communication/Writing
This course is an advanced communication course focused on public speaking and writing in a business context. Students will blend communication theory with intensive skill building as a way to improve their ability to manage their careers and communicate successfully in the business world. This course is comprised of three main section: advanced public speaking, managerial writing, and career strategies. Students will master the following: (1) traditional correspondence: memo, letter, and proposal writing; (2) electronic correspondence: emails, blogging, text messaging, and instant messaging; (career strategies: resume and cover letter writing; and (4) networking skills including the value proposition and elevator speeches. This class is reserved for Business Scholars and is part of the Business Scholars' 4-year program.