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Prerequisites: Graduate status in Nursing OR Instructor Consent.
The Introduction to Simulation for Women's Health Care Providers course offers students an opportunity to practice provider-patient interactions in the ambulatory care setting in a safe, constructive and challenging environment. The course will follow the NWM/WHNP program of study, mirroring the topics covered in other program specialty courses. Students will actively participate in the care of simulated patients under the guidance of simulation faculty and will synthesize their learning in group activities before and after the clinical scenarios. Student will participate in simulated patient care experiences to support their integration of didactic knowledge into clinical practice. Students will apply knowledge and techniques they learn in this and prerequisite courses to simulations of varying levels of complexity with themes such as provider-patient communication, management of clinic flow, prenatal genetic counseling, convey abnormal lab results to patient,, contraceptive counseling, sexually transmitted infections, and early pregnancy loss. Additionally, this course will include skills labs guided by faculty designed to help the beginning student develop new and perfect existing skills pertaining to the care of women in an ambulatory care setting, such as obtaining comprehensive medical history, general physical assessment, breast and pelvic exam, and microscopy.