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Prerequisite: Admission to OTD Program and OC TH 7302.
This is the second of two courses in which students develop skills with applying evidence-based practice and research to improve their professional practice. During this class, students will learn about each step of conducting research or program evaluation beginning with developing a strong rationale, selecting relevant research questions, designing appropriate methods, data collection, data analysis and interpretation. This process can be applied to conducting a research study or a program evaluation. This course provides the background information that students will need later in their capstone courses in which they conduct a scholarly project that will require data collection, analysis and interpretation. The structure of the course provides opportunities to further understand and analyze both quantitative and qualitative research designs. Students will understand how research designs and methods relate to research questions and to the information available. This course will also involve continued application of database skills and synthesis of information as evidence by completion of a scholarly paper as background and preparation for the Capstone I project.