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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in (PHYS 3740 AND ((MATH 3150 OR MATH 3140 OR MATH 5440) AND (MATH 3160 OR MATH 4200) OR MATH 4600)) OR Graduate status in Physics/Astronomy
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Quantitative Intensive BS
An introduction to theoretical mechanics and quantum mechanics with emphasis on problem solving. The scope of the material roughly corresponds to the requirements of the mechanics and quantum mechanics portions of the GRE Physics Test. Topics include vectors and kinematics, Newton's laws, oscillations, motion in central forces, rotating bodies, Lagrangian mechanics, photoelectric effect, Compton effect, particle-wave duality, uncertainty principle, Schrodinger equation, energy levels, transmission and reflection, the variational principle, hydrogen atom, angular momentum, spin, bosons and fermions, Pauli exclusion principles, atomic orbitals, periodic table, radiation selection rules.