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Agile 101 will help you develop an agile mindset as you are introduced to the foundational concepts, principles and values of agile. You will be exposed to a variety of agile methodologies in a way that allows you to practice the principles immediately; following the agile concept that the best learning is by doing. Agile project management is an iterative method used to deliver the project outcomes efficiently without compromising quality or budget. Agile focuses on concepts of collaboration, teamwork, and flexibility which empowers project members to make decisions that create real value for the customer. Adaptive planning is at the heart of agile project management, which utilizes "sprints" to organize and track work, as well as project issues so they can be corrected as they are discovered. This allows for many small course corrections as deliverables are tested throughout the process. Throughout this course, we will focus on the behaviors and processes which lead to value creation. You will see agile in action pulling from real companies. You will also have the opportunity to learn from local professionals as they share lessons learned when things went well and not so well.