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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in (ART 2201 AND ART 2202 AND ART 2203 AND ART 2204 AND ART 2205 AND ART 2206 AND ART 2207 AND ART 2208) OR Full Major status in BFA Studio Art.
This course is designed to cover a range of topics in Illustration. Students will be introduced to the various paths they can take within illustration, including editorial, publishing, advertising, visual development, surface design, and fashion illustration. The wide breadth of content in this course will reinforce critical aspects of the illustration process, to include: conceptual thinking, expansive iteration, storytelling, and working within set project parameters. Students will learn that illustration is not a medium or a way of making images, but rather a purpose, which can be approached from countless directions. This course is not media specific, and students will be encouraged to experiment with both analog and digital. Throughout this course, sketchbooks will be used as a problem-solving tool, as well as a means of visual exploration. Students will be introduced to the work of a wide range of contemporary and historic illustrators practicing in the paths covered by the course.