Course Detail
Course Components:
This course will consider the leadership issues as they relate to the individual level, groups, and organizations. We will cover topics related to organizational behavior studying individuals, groups, and structures and their effect on the organization’s effectiveness. Informatics professionals can leverage knowledge from leadership principles to accomplish work within and across organizations. We will explore attributes of organization culture in the following types of organizations; entrepreneurial, scientific (academic and non-academic), and governmental. Organizational culture in these settings vary, yet consist of sociotechnical aspects and are complex and adaptive. Being effective in these adaptive systems requires both technical, organizational, and relationship skills and an understanding of how to motivate individuals to collaborate and work productively. As informatics professionals, our codes of ethics call us to support and foster colleagues and/or team-members in a timely, respectful, and conscientious way. This course will consider the issues as they relate to the individual, group, and organization.