Course Detail
Course Components:
The purpose of this course is contextualize the study of leadership of social justice. Through a historical and critical lens, this course is designed to provide foundational grounding in understanding leadership theory and practice. Special attention is paid to the role of leadership for social justice; including understanding the role of leadership in advancing and expanding opportunity for historically under-represented and disenfranchised populations in higher education, and beyond. Time is dedicated to reviewing both traditional and emerging approaches to leadership. As well as to expanding normative leadership values, beliefs, and practices. Students should be prepared to reflect and speak to the socio-historical, political, and cultural dimensions of traditional leadership approaches, as well as to address how leadership is both a contextually-bound and socially-constructed phenomenon. The goal of this course is to foster a critical approach to the study of leadership so that students may apply the course-content to their roles as professionals in higher education. Students enrolled in 7520 will be held to a higher standard and may be assigned additional coursework.