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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in FA 2000 AND 3 of the following elective courses (ART 2060 OR FA 2590 OR FA 2600 OR FA 2700 FA 3000 OR FA 3300 OR FA 3400 OR FA 3600 OR FA 3700 OR FA 3710 OR FA 3720 OR FA 3800 OR FA 4100 OR FA 4900) OR Department Consent.
As the culmination of the Arts Technology program, the capstone experience allows students to utilize and expand on the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their previous course work. This class also aims to give students experience with the collaborative nature of many large-scale media projects. Students will form groups to develop, create, and present in a public venue a multimedia research projects that is unique, engaging, relevant, and esthetically involving.