Course Detail
Course Components:
Clinical Applications of Health Promotion and Integrative Health will give students an opportunity to discuss how the themes of the pathway can be implemented into clinical practice both in self-care during the MS3 year and the care of patients. Students will meet four times over the year to discuss relevant material. Students will be expected to write about and discuss their clinical experiences. This course is the fifth in the Health Promotion Integrative Health Pathway; it provides one-half credit hour towards graduation. Course Goals As a result of successfully completing the Clinical Applications of Health Promotion and Integrative Health course, students will be able to: 1. Identify and utilize self-care strategies to manage the stress of MS3 year. This might include a focus on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, mindfulness, and/or connection to others. 2. Describe the relationships between health and disease and the following factors: emotion, stress, nutrition, physical activity, social support, spirituality, sleep, and environment. 3. Recognize the multivariate and sometimes unknown factors that influence health and healing. 4. Discuss how personal, cultural, ethnic, and spiritual beliefs shape an individual’s interpretation and experience of disease and its treatment. 5. Create meaningful health and wellness plans with patients. 6. Identify factors leading to well being of teams. 7. Use narrative medicine to manage thoughts and feelings that arise during clinical experiences.