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Honors Course
This course combines academic inquiry and community engagement to investigate the theme of diversity and climate within STEM. Students will examine how diverse personal backgrounds shape the STEM experience at University of Utah and nationally. The course is divided roughly in two parts. In part I, we will ground our understanding through critical reading of primary scholarly research as well as popular literature. Example topics include implicit bias, identity threat, effects of team diversity on excellence etc. As STEM community members, we assign particular value to hypotheses that make testable predictions. Topics will therefore include design, execution and evaluation of interventions. In part II, we will design and execute interventions with direct relevance to University of Utah students, faculty and staff. Course work includes weekly readings, reflective/opinion writing, in-class discussion, project development and, as appropriate, execution and quantitative assessment of new or adapted interventions. At the end of the semester, students will present their group projects to the campus community via a public event. This course is aimed at students across STEM fields and pre-medical students. Students who don't have major status but are interested in the course, may be approved upon instructor's consent.