Course Detail
1.0 - 4.0
Course Components:
Students who have completed one semester of Justice Lab may enroll in Advanced Justice Lab in subsequent semesters. This opportunity is reserved for students who have completed Justice Lab and whose learning and advocacy goals align with a client’s need for ongoing or new representation. Students may enroll for one semester at a time and each semester requires an application and faculty approval. Enrollment is capped at four students and the credit load for each student will be set in advance of the semester based on the scope, nature, and goals of the representation. Advanced Justice Lab is an intensive course where students represent clients and solve real legal, policy, and practical problems. Students represent community groups, non-profit organizations, and government agencies with close, consistent faculty support, and supervision. In Advanced Justice Lab, students gain deeper doctrinal knowledge about client matters, refine their practice skills, and expand their ability to think like lawyers, including honing analysis and advocacy skills. Students can expect to counsel clients, investigate facts, interview third parties, engage in legal and empirical research and analysis, and craft persuasive written deliverables. This course is an advanced training ground for students who wish to build careers as public interest lawyers (in government or the nonprofit sector), pursue JD-advantage jobs, or grow their lawyering skills.