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Trauma is all around us - in our communities, in our homes, in ourselves. It has been expressed in books we read, by our favorite characters, and in movies we love to watch over and over. We even want to traumatize our own characters, in our own stories, as we write. So, what really is trauma and how does it impact the stories we are trying to tell? How do we write it in an effective and empathetic way without derailing our readers? In this class designed for multi-genres, explore definitions of trauma and how trauma impacts our storytelling. You'll develop your writing through generative exercises designed for characterization and evoking emotion in your stories. Exercises used in clinical practice will be applied throughout the course to support students in better understanding their perspectives of trauma and the effects these perceptions have on their characters, plot development, themes, and more. This course is designed to explore trauma as it applies to writing, and how we can effectively and compassionately illustrate it in all genres. It is not a therapy nor a support group.