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Do you love singing harmony or have you been longing for the opportunity to learn HOW to sing a harmony part? Have you wondered "How does that singer make a certain kind of sound?" Come explore vocal harmony, resonance, and vocal ornamentation with musician and vocal coach Stacey Cole. We'll keep our brains sharp and hearts light, while having fun singing together--virtually! Each week you will learn a short, wonderfully novel song (novel as in "new," a song you've never heard on the radio) and you will learn harmony parts for each song. Audio files (MP3) will be provided so that you can have access to the songs and parts for your own use. In addition, we will explore vocal resonance (chest voice, head voice, mixed voice, etc.) as well as vocal ornamentation (trills, "flipping," and sliding the voice). What have you got to lose? You'll be able to do all of this from the privacy of your own space. This class is a great way to keep learning while making new discoveries with your voice. No previous experience necessary.