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Roz Newmark brings over 25 years of experience in teaching yoga oriented toward individuals with injuries, those recovering from injuries, or those with other special needs. The perfect recipe for stability, easeful movement, and a calmer nervous system varies for each individual. Working from the ground up, we will begin to personalize a practice for each Osher member's specific needs. Drawing from the Iyengar yoga tradition, attention will be focused on alignment and the therapeutic uses of various asanas, or poses. This course is accessible to students with any body type. Please wear clothing appropriate for moving. In order to ensure safety and proper alignment, everyone taking this class will need to attend with their Zoom camera videos turned ON. We will use props to help customize the asanas and to create a more balanced condition for the body. Each class member will be required to have one yoga mat, two blankets, two yoga blocks, one strap, an armless chair, and a good sense of humor. The props can be ordered from Hugger Mugger. As this company is located locally, delivery of orders should be pretty prompt.