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1.0 - 2.0
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Special Projects
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Prerequisites: Complete (PHS 6710 AND PHS 6715 AND PHS 6720 AND PHS 6725) Or Instructor Consent
The Population Health Pathway Capstone Project Elective will give students an opportunity to spend dedicated time to synthesize their pathway work into a capstone project. Students will choose a mentor for the course prior to approval who will oversee their work. Capstone projects integrate coursework, knowledge, skills, and experiential learning for the purpose of enabling students to demonstrate their synthesis of knowledge in real-world applications. Pathway students are expected to complete a capstone project and present at the end of the MS4 year. This elective is not required to present a capstone project. This course is the 6th and final elective in the Population Health Pathway; it provides 1-2 credit hours towards graduation. Each week of the elective will count for 1.0 credits with an expected time commitment of 40 hours per week.