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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in (MATH 1010 OR MATH 1050 OR MATH 1060 OR MATH 1080 OR MATH 1090) OR Accuplacer CLM score of 60+ OR Accuplacer AAF score of 245+ OR ACT Math score of 23+ OR SAT Math score of 570+
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Diversity & Physical/Life Science Exploration
This course will make a survey of the lives and works of important women physicists of the past. We will start with the first woman faculty member in a European university: Laura Bassi (University of Bologna, 1732). Others to be included are Curie, Meitner, Franklin, Wu. The course will attempt to teach, mostly at a conceptual level, the basic physics topics associated with the achievements of these women, and to seek to place their contributions in the larger context of the advent of Modern science and Technology.