Course Detail
Course Components:
The Healer’s Art brings together medical students and experienced physicians in a discovery model of learning. This Discovery Model relies upon open and honest sharing of insight and life experience which allows students and faculty to explore what is important to them in small groups. The course combines didactic and experiential components. 10% of course time is didactic with faculty lecturers sharing their experience in life and medicine; 90% is devoted to small group experiential learning including reflection on life experience and journal keeping. There is a set curriculum created and provided by the Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness (RISHI) at Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine. The Healer’s Art is now offered in more than 90 medical schools in the US and around the world. The evaluations are almost uniformly outstanding. Syllabus outline: This elective is 15 hours long, spread across five three-hour sessions. • Session 1 – “Discovering and Nurturing Your Wholeness” • Session 2 – “Sharing Grief and Honoring Loss” • Session 3 – “Small Group Discussion on Grief and Loss” • Session 4 – “Beyond Analysis: Allowing Awe in Medicine” • Session 5 – “The Care of the Soul: Service as a Way of Life Course Goals As a result of successfully completing the Healer’s Art Course, students will be able to: • Provide peer support in recognizing, valuing, enhancing, and preserving the human dimension of health care. • Recognize the need for self-care in order to provide good patient care and avoid burnout. • Name and discuss with peers and faculty the unique personal dimensions they bring to their work. • Be able to articulate discovery discussion group guidelines and set up similar groups with peers. • For full list of goals and objectives: