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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in MATH (1050 OR 1080 OR 1090 OR 1100 OR 1210 OR 1250 OR 1310 OR 1311) OR ECON 3620 OR AP Calc AB 3+ OR AP Calc BC 3+ OR AccuplacerCLM score 80+ OR AccuplacerAAF score 263+ OR ACTMath 28+ OR SATMath 650+.
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Quantitative Reasoning (Statistics/Logic)
This course introduces students to the foundations of statistical analysis. The course covers graphical and numerical methods of summarizing data, the fundamentals of probability theory, and how to test hypotheses based on samples. These basic statistical skills are useful in a wide range of contexts ranging from reading and interpreting news articles critically, becoming an educated consumer, evaluating policies, to taking more advanced classes in quantitative analysis.