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Not enrolled in a high school program.
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University Connected Learning
This class will involve the usage of Pilates Reformers, Thera-bands, balls, and Magic Circles. The Pilates Reformer is an exercise system designed to transform the way a body looks, feels, and performs. It builds strength, flexibility, and good posture while focusing on the core or center of the body. If the core muscles are strong and do their job properly, then the rest of the body is free to move with improved range of motion and coordination without unnecessary tension or difficulty. The Reformer is gentle on the body yet will provide a challenging workout. This class will further discuss and practice centering, control, breath, precision, concentration, and flowing movement and involve an intermediary series of Pilates Reformer exercises. The six fundamental principles of Pilates will already have been introduced in the Elementary Pilates Reformer course. A basic knowledge of these skills will be necessary to further expand the students Pilates vocabulary and skill.