Course Detail
Course Components:
The course provides a comprehensive overview of common AI and Automation technologies and the business opportunities and challenges they introduce. Students receive hands-on experience with real-world technology including an introduction to Chat Bots, Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and various applications of Deep Learning. Simultaneously, the course explores the managerial challenges of developing an AI and Automation driven strategy including how to identify and quantify the value of a solution, how to launch new projects and manage risks, and how to assess legal and ethical issues. The course culminates with each student building a hardware + software AI tool and developing a disruptive business plan for using that technology in business. This class is an initiative to expose new generations of students at the University of Utah to learning Digital Literacy so as to arm them with strong skills for future employment. The primary purpose is to supplement the student’s core major in making it relevant for today’s competitive and technology-dependent job market.