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Field Work
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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in (KINES 3350 AND KINES 4670).
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Community Engaged Learning
The capstone course will provide seniors in Kinesiology an opportunity to explore the historical and contemporary issues associated with health, physical activity and exercise for underrepresented groups within the United States. Students will learn how to apply theoretical constructs related to systemic discrimination and privilege to promote diversity and inclusion in sport, physical culture and allied health fields. Small and large group discussions will be used throughout the course to allow students an opportunity to compare and contrast their interpretation of the literature and personal experiences with their peers. Students will also be required to use the written reflective process to consider how personal identity influences one’s perception of both formal and informal norms that exist within American society. Finally, students will also create and administer a twelve-week physical activity intervention for an underserved population within the community.