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Anime is not just for children. Manga is not just for nerds. "Cool Japan" is not just for entertainment. Anime, Japanese-style animated cartoons, and Manga, Japanese-style visual novels, are two unique fiction genres that originated in Japan and are now famous worldwide. Even if you are not familiar with these names, you may have heard your children or grandchildren talk about "Naruto" or "Pokemon." Maybe you saw T-shirts with the print of "Dragon Ball Z" in H&M. If you're a fan of foreign films, you may remember "Spirited Away." Why have these art forms been so popular worldwide? What makes them so different from American cartoons? This course will introduce the participants to the world of modern Japanese fiction. We will examine anime, manga, novels, and movies, show how to enjoy them, and widen our critical perspective on these art forms and their unique windows on Japanese society, politics, and history.