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Prerequisites:"C-" or better in ((MATH1050 AND MATH1060) OR (MATH1060 AND (AccuplacerCLM 80+ OR AccuplacerAAF 263+)) OR (MATH (1080OR1210OR1310))) OR APCalcAB 3+ OR APCalcBC 3+ OR AccuplacerCLM 90+ OR AccuplacerAAF 276+ OR ACTMath 28+ OR SATMath 650+.
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Physical/Life Science Exploration
An algebra based physics course on the study of motion and heat. The course includes one-dimensional and two-dimensional kinematics, Newton's three laws of motion, circular motion, work and energy, momentum, rotational kinematics and dynamics, periodic motion, the three laws of Thermodynamics, temperature, and heat transfer. Three lectures and two recitations weekly. Intended for students seeking to enter medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, humanities, and behavioral and social sciences. Those wishing to take this course as a lecture-laboratory course should register concurrently for PHYS 2015.