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Prerequisites: Full Major status in (Electrical Engineering OR Computer Engineering). Corequisites: "C-" or better in ECE 3510.
Energy conversion and sources of mechanical energy. DC generators, droop curves, parallel operation and load sharing. Three-phase AC power and three-phase to two-phase transformations. Permanent magnet synchronous generators. Droop curve sand nose curves. Operation on a DC bus with a rectifier and three-phase inverter. Squirrel-cage induction generators. Grid-tied operation on a self-excited induction generators. Wound-field synchronous generators. Stand-alone and grid tied operation. V-curves, active and reactive power curves, and operating limits. Control of active power, parallel operation and load sharing. Doubly-fed induction generators. Decoupled control of active and reactive power at variable speed. Large synchronous generators and power system stability.