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Carol Anderson, Principal Coach, and Paula Fowler, Director of Education and Community Outreach for Utah Symphony | Utah Opera will present an overview of Rossini's opera, The Barber of Seville, and Utah Opera's October 2021 production. The class will be held in the Utah Opera Production Studios so that interested attendees can sit in for a while in the afternoon's staging rehearsal. The class is intended as an excellent way to prepare for attending one of the evening performances of the opera. Osher members will learn the story of the opera's creation, listen carefully and discuss some of the major musical moments in the opera, and learn more about artistic choices made about costuming and set for this production. The opera's plot: charming and clever Rosina has captured the attention of two men, the older Dr. Bartolo and the penniless student, Lindoro (the incognito Count Almaviva). Enter Seville's barber, Figaro, who is enlisted by the Count to assist him in winning Rosina's heart and who does so through a series of hilarious pranks and disguises.