Course Detail
Course Components:
The Pathways program in the School of Dentistry provides students the opportunity to explore the many facets of dentistry and options for careers in dentistry. This course introduces the Pathways program and allows students explore Pathway options that are available for in-depth study during the third and fourth year of their dental education. Each Pathways Course Director (PCD) will present to the students, discussing their area of expertise in dentistry. They may explore how and why they came to make the professional selection that they did and how they prepared for it. They will present to the students the elements of and expectations for the elective “Pathway” program that they direct. Students will reflect on each presentation and submit the reflection to the Pathways Program Director (PPD). The Pathways Program Director will meet with the students to further explore the program and student options. Students will reflect on the Pathways available and personal interest. A portfolio including all reflections papers will be submitted to the PPD as the final project for Pathways Exploration.