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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in ((WRTG2010 OR a WR2) OR an (Assoc OR Bach Dgr)) AND Full Maj in (CE OR EE). Corequisites: (Full Maj in CE AND "C-" or better in (ECE3991 OR CS3991)) OR (Full Maj in EE AND "C-" or better in (ECE3300OR3110OR3500OR3600)).
Requirement Designation:
Upper Division Communication/Writing
Course Attribute:
Honors Course
This course is designed to prepare students for writing and communication efforts specific to their careers in engineering. Students will develop written and oral communication skills through shorter in-class and homework assignments and an oral presentation. In addition, students will begin a proposal in preparation for their senior year design project that will be revised during the semester. A combination or writing and oral presentation exercises will emphasize delivering information in a clear, concise fashion. Students will learn to tailor messages to different audiences: colleagues and mentors, the general public, government agencies and the media. teamwork, ethical considerations and organizational issues will also be addressed.