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Fine Arts Exploration
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Honors Course
As a counterbalance to the loud and fast modes so predominant in today’s society, Radical Quiet proposes, explores and develops vital alternatives: quiet and slow ways of living, learning and appreciating our lives and the world around us. We will dig down to the radical root—the fundamental quality, meaning and aesthetics—of quiet. On top of a foundation of mindfulness, we will develop critical, creative and interpretive skills through deep listening (to sounds and music), slow looking (at art) and contemplative reading (of literature). Silence will be our teacher; music will include “the space between the notes” (Claude Debussy); and artistic concepts, structures and forms will be the architecture for our learning and experience. Cross-cutting themes will include (1) the quiet power of introversion and contemplation; (2) the environmental and social effects of noise; (3) the skill and practice of listening (to ourselves and others). Radical Quiet cultivates a classroom that equally values speaking and listening, so that each student may know in deep, profound and valuable ways.