Course Detail
Course Components:
This course is designed to teach real estate development through practical experience. The course explores the risks inherent in real estate development and the concrete steps required to take a real estate project from the conceptual stage to completion. The course will focus on the various risks and hurdles to successfully putting a real estate development together. Students will take a single site (of their own or one offered by the instructor) and produce several small reports that require research and analysis on: (1) market conditions for the proposed use and site; (2) planning/zoning issues and resolutions; (3) financing, including both equity and debt; and (4) site-related legal issues (such as title and environmental problems). In addition to book and interest research, students will be required to discuss their projects with planning official s in relevant jurisdiction(s) and to speak with financing sources. At the end of the course, these combined reports should allow the student to determine whether a given project is feasible and help with a decision to move forward. This course is entirely project-based and will not have an exam. Students should expect to attend field trips to current projects.