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The intention of this class is to create a brave space for interested participants where we can explore our own racial identities, understand what white privilege and fragility are, and begin to practice anti-racism in our own lives. We will explore such related topics as critical race theory and systemic racism, as well as how racism directed toward people of color also harms white people. The purpose of this class is not to make white people feel more guilt and shame about racism, or to learn to hate our country and its history; if guilt, shame, and hatred could transform racism, we would already have a country without racism. The class is especially designed to be a place where we can get to know each other and ourselves. There will be time for discussion and reflection, and for exploring questions we have been pondering. Each class will have a check-in, a short didactic segment related to the literature, an experiential learning segment, and a check-out. This class is designed to be helpful regardless of how much you already know and do. You are welcome to join whether you have just become interested in the topic or you have thought about it for a long time.