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Prerequisites: Member of Honors College AND "C-" or better in ((PHYS 3740 AND PHYS 2235) AND (MATH 2250 OR (MATH 2270 AND MATH 2280))).
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Honors Course
Individual experiments in classical and modern physics. This is the honors version of PHYS 3719. Completion of additional material and/or assignments will be required for credit. Transformative experiments in the development of the modern era in physics, including measurement of some fundamental constants of the universe, will be used as vehicles to test models of physical behavior. Students will be introduced to the craft of experimental design with a focus on optimizing data-taking and analysis to understand the sources and significance of errors. Critical thinking skills will be honed through qualitative and quantitative justification of results. Recommended Prerequisites: PHYS 3740 AND MATH 2250.