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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in (IS 4410 OR IS 4411) AND (Full Major or Minor status in Information Systems OR Full Major status in Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations)
An introduction to the design, operation, and management of IT systems including Windows Server, cloud services, and networking. This course provides instruction in data communications and computer network definitions, concepts, and principles, including (but not limited to); topologies; protocols; standards; and fundamental concepts related to data communication networks, such as routers, switches, and cabling; Windows Server technologies including Server install and configuration, Active Directory, DHCP/DNS, and Group Policy Objects. This technology-intensive course includes hands-on labs working with networks, Windows Server, and cloud services. It prepares students to make intelligent and informed decisions about data network design/management, by analyzing the benefits, drawbacks, effects, tradeoffs, and compromises related to various data communication technologies. You will learn how to make policy, design, and installation decisions.