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Prerequisites: ("C" or better in (MATH 1210 OR MATH 1250 OR MATH 1310 OR MATH 1311) OR AP Calc AB score of 4+ OR AP Calc BC score of 3+) AND "C-" or better in ((CHEM 1210 OR CHEM 1211) OR AP CHEM score of 4+).
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Sustainability - Complete
This is an introduction to materials science and engineering for Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students. The course teaches the fundamentals of how to predict the properties of materials based on microstructure. The students will be able to: 1) understand how atomic bonding is related to modulus, melting point, and thermal expansion, 2) differentiate between amorphous and crystalline materials on the basis of x-ray diffraction and crystallinity, 3) predict diffusion in solids and understand how this is thermally activated, 4) understand how thermodynamics and kinetics combine to control the processing of advanced materials, 5) apply thermodynamics in understanding phase equilibria, 6) gain a basic understanding of what controls the electrical, optical, and thermal behavior of materials, and 7) be able to understand fundamental design considerations for materials selection.