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Community Engaged Learning
One of the marks of an educated person should be that the person is capable of having a nonviolent conversation and cooperative relationship with anyone in their local or global community. Every high school in the USA probably has a debate team, but few if any have a dialogue team. Yet dialogue is a process that is much more likely to help students in their future personal and professional lives and is also an effective method of helping humans bridge the differences that divide us and form inclusive local and global communities. Thus, in debate, there is always a “winner” and a “loser”; in dialogue, everyone “wins”. In this class, students will have the opportunity to learn dialogue skills, knowledge, and values. In this largely experiential, “flipped” class, students invite groups from the community to dialogue with us in the classroom. Students are encouraged to bring in groups that are especially challenging, including people who claim, for example, various religious, political, racial, sexual, or cultural identities that conflict with most students in the class. Students have the opportunity to facilitate and participate in these dialogues, as we practice listening for understanding and speaking with respect.