Course Detail
Course Components:
This is the final clinical course for nurse-midwifery students. Students solidify their transition to a safe beginning practitioner. This residency experience is a minimum of eight weeks at a clinical site that best matches students’ learning needs. Faculty determine the site placement with input from each student. Experiences during residency will include full-scope clinical practice (antepartum, postpartum, gynecologic, intrapartum, newborn, and primary care), quality assurance activities, consultation, and meeting attendance. The Student Nurse-Midwife (SNM) must complete all experiences required by the site to successfully complete the nurse-midwifery residency experience. Students are expected to integrate all previously acquired didactic and clinical knowledge and skills in the provision of care to women throughout the life span. During the Residency experience, students increasingly move towards independence, under the supervision of nurse midwifery preceptors. This semester is very time intensive and students are urged to plan ahead to meet the required contact hours. Residency may require out of state placement. This is a Credit / No Credit course.