Course Detail
1.0 - 6.0
Course Components:
An internship is a way to have practical application and a way to develop skills in a professional-type setting, as well as being time-bound, goal-oriented, and development. The Career Services Internship Program (CSIP) allows students to earn academic credit for an internship. While participating in the course students will be asked in real-time to reflect on their experiences, learning objectives, connect with their professional network, and apply their skills and knowledge to various career development topics which include, but is not limited to exploration, resumes, cover letters, online networking platforms, and negotiation. This course is open to all undergraduate students looking to receive academic credit. We do recognize that each college may have its own internship course and requirements. Thus, the Career and Professional Development Center recommends connecting with your academic department within your college first to determine if you can get internship credit there first. If not, then we welcome all students to then enroll in CSIP.