Course Detail
Course Components:
Cell biology was redesigned in 2019 with a decreased emphasis on didactic lectures and a stronger focus on teaching students how to read and evaluate primary literature. The course consists of primary research articles within the field, and each class will discuss one paper. Students will be expected to read/watch background material posted on Canvas prior to each class. Objectives are as follows: 1. To effectively assess data in published literature. To be able to answer: a. What are the questions the authors seek to answer? b. What approaches did the authors use to answer the questions? Why did they use those approaches? c. Did the presented data answer the questions? How convinced are you? d. If you had access to unlimited resources, how would you follow up on this work? What questions would you ask, and how would you answer them? 2. To be able to articulate scientific knowledge both verbally and in written format 3. To gain a basic understanding of selected topics in cell biology