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Course Components:
Many modern engineering systems incorporate computational elements, while other engineering systems needed to be validated through computational tools or through computer-aided data collection. This course is designed to provide a foundation in programming, software engineering, debugging, and using existing computational codes in the context of controlling physical equipment, gathering experimental data, and visualizing results. The course will be taught primarily using the C++ programming language, which provides balance between access to physical devices and modern programming concepts and then finish with a quick introduction to Python as a way to compare and contrast different languages concepts. The course provides a level of programming proficiency to students planning on taking additional coursework with a programming emphasis or who might need custom computational applications in their research. We will start by covering basic concepts in programming, but at a very high rate, so some basic prior experience in programming (Matlab, Arduino C, etc.) is helpful but not necessary. The course ends learning a bit of Python and seeing how to connect these two languages.